Ingersoll-Rand IRT212 3/8 inch

Ingersoll-Rand IRT212 Summary

Best budget Ingersoll-Rand air wrench product

Product Description

Ingersoll-Rand are the brand of choice for many car mechanics and other construction industries that require lightweight ratchet power tools. The IRT212 offers the user the chance to own an Ingersoll-Rand power tool for a fraction of the cost. The IRT212 runs AT 1,500 impacts per minute at a maximum torque of 180 lbs/ft. It is another lightweight device at just 2.9 lbs which also makes the power to weight ratio high. The operating torque is 20 – 150 lbs/ft giving the IRT212 a large range to deal with most jobs. It is a hammer mechanism device that measures just 6 inches. The air inlet control system keeps the tool stable by ensuring that the output of the machine is unaffected by any change in air pressure.

Ingersoll-Rand features the IRT212

  • 150 lbs/ft operating torque
  • Control system regulates against air pressure change
  • Less vibration
  • Built-in power regulator prevents over-torqing
  • Handheld pistol handle design
  • Low price with Ingersoll-Rand quality

Interogating the IRT212

The IRT212 sits at the lower end of Ingersoll-Rand’s range. That means that you will get the same quality that you get from an Ingersoll-Rand quality product for around half of the cost of a full specification model. This product is ideal for the home mechanic that will use the tool relatively infrequently. The reliability of all Ingersoll-Rand products is good but this one will not boast the same lifetime as some of the more expensive products. It has more than enough torque and power to zip out the majority of bolts. As air tools go, this is the lowest in the Ingersoll-Rand range which is built to compete with some of the other brands low range models.

List Price: $125.53 USD
New From: $108.00 In Stock
Release date June 7, 2013.
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