Comparing 3/8 inch Air Powered Torque Wrench Drivers

3/8 inch air hoses often offer savings for auto mechanic garages and construction sites and this gives the opportunity for tool manufactures to expand their range of tools to be compatible with these air hoses. Ingersoll-Rand are a strong player in the air powered pneumatic took market and dominate the market for the middle and high end 3/8 inch tools. Their Hammerhead Impact tool has clever technology built in to reduce noise and vibration while it suffers slightly on weight and overall size.

The IR 2115 TiMAX is a great product for those in the auto mechanic industry as it is small, lightweight and durable whilst providing large power output and high impact speed. However, it is a fairly pricey tool. The Ingersoll-Rand 212 is the budget 3/8 inch torque wrench which offers the user the quality and the brand name of a trusted company but at a lower price. The Porter-Cable PT382 is a good tool for the light user as it is at the lower end for impact speed and operating torque.

Every tool has the perfect owner and every owner has a perfect tool. The four air powered 3/8 inch hose connection tools reviewed each have a different application for a defined task.

The Best 3/8 inch Air Powered Torque Wrenchs

Heavy Duty 3/8 inch air torque wrench: Ingersoll-Rand Hammerhead Impactool

Best Power to weight ratio 3/8 inch air torque wrench: Ingersoll-Rand 2115TiMAX

Middle Range 3/8 inch air torque wrench: Ingersoll-Rand IRT212

Light Weight Domestic 3/8 inch air torque wrench: Porter-Cable PT382

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