Meet the Chicago Pneumatic CP886 Standard-Duty Air Ratchet

CP (Chicago Pneumatic) CPT886 Summary

Great budget tool for small garages and high domestic use

Product Description

The Chicago Pneumatic CP886 is a middle of the range product that sits in the torque wrench category of being in the formation of a ratchet. This means that the ergonomic design of it will be very similar to all of the others in the range by Chicago are known for there increased detail to the end user and the ability to operate the tool.

The compact head design is perfect for working in tight spaces inside car engines or on small constructions sites where large tools are simply not possible. The CP886 the lightest air powered torque wrench that takes the shape of a ratchet. It weighs just 2.2 lbs which makes for increased flexibility and enables the tool to be uses with a single hand which is important when working in small compartments. The length of the tool is just of 10 inches which is the average length for a wrench of this type.

The speed of the Chicago CP886 is not as fast as others in the market at 160 rpm but this will only marginly slow your job down. The wrench delivers an operation torque of 50 lbs/ft which is relatively low for a tool of this type but will be enough to loosen the majority of tricky bolts and nuts. The air consumption is 4 CFM and the hose pipe connection required is a 3/8 inch.

Chicago Pneumatic’s CPT886 Features

  • Compact head design
  • More flexibility in tight spaces
  • Proven durability
  • Lightweight: 2.25 lbs. (1.1 kg.)
  • Length: 10-Inch (257mm)
  • Beautiful ergonomic handheld design

The Consensus on the Corageous CP886

The Chicago delivers a low power and torque output in comparison to some of its rivals in the air powered torque wrench ratchet sector of the tool market. However, the price of this tool is incredible in comparison. Chicago are a good brand name with a proven history of reliable products. All this works out to you being able to pick up a reliable tool for a small price.

Many auto mechanics rely on this tool daily to get their work done. Here at trusted tool advisor, we would say that this is the best of the budget market for air powered torque wrenches that take the form of a ratchet. Its low power, torque and head speed limit the uses of this tool in the auto garage environment and should therefore only be considered for budget garages.

For a high power and extremely durable tool, check out the IR 109XPA.

List Price: $129.00 USD
New From: $65.09 In Stock
Release date November 14, 2007.
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