AirCat 1000-TH Composite Air Impact Wrench With Twin Hammer

AirCat 1000-TH AIR Summary

Expensive…but is the 1000-TH Air worth the price tag

Product Description

The Aircat 1000-TH Air comes with a fairly hefty price tag so what you need to know is, does the product justify the money? In the advertisement summary, Aircat tells us all about the advanced technology that they have designed into the 1000-TH Air. They have obtained an exclusive patent on the thru-handle exhaust and muffler and filter technology. This system enables the tool to operate at full power while maintaining a steady drive for the duration of the job.

Producing a maximum torque of 1,000 lbs/ft also makes this tool on of the big boys in the market. This is the kind of power that will address any tight bolt problem that you may come across. It also claims a low noise output meaning that staff and neighbors will not be deafened by the high torque working its magic. The control system puts 3 speeds of high torque straight into your hand with a twin hammer mechanism to maximize the output delivered to the nut/bolt.

Spinning at 7,000 RPM makes this machine is a beast and the clutch mechanism helps to not overwork the internal systems which helps the tool last longer without diminishing performance. The AirCat 1000-TH Air weighs a little over 4 pounds which makes it one of the lightest tools in the 1/2 inch air powered torque wrench range.

Listing the AirCat 1000-TH Air’s Features

  • Strongest 1/2-inch drive impact in its class
  • Durable limited edition camouflage composite housing
  • Patented technology to reduce noise(86 dB)
  • Twin hammer mechanism that will not leave bolts short
  • Reduces operator fatigue thanks to patented exhaust system
  • Safe operation thanks to exhaust directing debris away

General Consensus for the AirCat

The jury definitely agreed on the AirCat 1000-TH Air. It is a great product that boasts features that rival and beat some of its competitors. It is also priced extremely attractively for the overall product that you get. It is torque for dollar the best rated in the market for 1/2 inch drive air impacts. Spinning at 7,000 RPM with torque in the range of 1,000 lbs/ft is rare in air powered torque wrenches that are priced this low.

Its hard to find negatives other than that Aircat is less well established in the air powered tool industry as some of the alternative, and as such may be considered an unknown company to buy tools from. However, the 1000-TH Air may just prove to be the coming of age for Aircat.

There is just one product in the 1/2 inch drive market that beats the Aircat 1000-TH on power and that is the IR2135.

The nearest Ingersoll-Rand product on price is the IR231C which is well down on power in comparison.

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