Baratza Vario 886 Flat Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Vario Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

…a perfect example of a great grinder

Product Description

“Just give me the Best Grinder” If that’s what you’re thinking, then this is the grinder for you. Click. Checkout. Done.

Product Features

  • small footprint
  • 230 distinct and repeatable grind settings
  • from fine grind for espresso to course grind for press pot
  • intuitive macro/micro adjustments
  • digital timers
  • three user-programmable buttons
  • accurate one-touch dosing and repeatable grind times
  • 54mm ceramic flat burrs
  • high-torque DC motor
  • belt drive transmission

Simply the best

All these reviews are giving me a headache. Just tell me what grinder to buy so I won’t have to think about it. Bing! Baratza Vario. Ceramic flat burrs are long lasting and give insane adjustability. Best quality, best flavor, best grind, best controls, best in every way. What’s the catch? $480! But if you have the coin, you won’t be sorry. Don’t feel like going through 2 or 3 lesser grinders? Just want to get the best and be done with it? Buy a Baratza Vario.

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