Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 15 Amp 3.2-Horsepower 60-Gallon Oiled Vertical Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 Summary

Campbell Hausfeld trumps their usual cheap Chinese compressors for a change

Product Description

This is a serious compressor for those of us that need to use grinders, air chisels, sanders, and other tools which require higher air pressures and volumes. If you’re only using your compressor for light-duty tasks like roofing work, using ratchets, inflating tires, and such you can get by with a cheaper compressor with less power and a smaller tank.

Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 Specifications

  • sufficient air flow for more air-hungry tools
  • durable 60 gallon air tank
  • 5000+ hour operating life
  • very quiet
  • vertical tank style won’t take over your workspace

The Recommendation

The Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 is truly suprising as they have a reputation for making cheap Chinese junk compressors. It’s dead quiet during operation, of very durable construction, and built with steel rather than aluminum components which is uncommon at this price point. If you’ve been unhappy with Campbell Hausfeld air compressors in the past you might want to give this one a try and reconsider. The only real downside to this model is unlike other compressors that have oil-free pumps that barely ever require maintenance the VT6275 has an oiled pump and does require periodic maintenance but the benefits and features definitely outweight this one small downside.  This small drawback not withstanding it’s a solid purchase that you should make  today or better yet, buy one for yourself and give one to your buddy!

List Price: $740.46 USD
New From: $740.46 In Stock

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