Chicago 1/2 Electric Impact Wrench

Chicago Summary

An average tool for a good price

Product Description

The Chicago tools electric impact wrench is a low end of the market product with a semi-low price and averagely rated features when compared against others in the market. It is a 1/2″ electric impact wrench which produces up to 240 foot-pounds of torque. This is low for the range of electric power drivers but will easily tighten or remove fasteners around the house and garage.

As a tool for construction jobs, this is perhaps not the right choice. The body work is made from toughened PVC which does not make it as durable as others in the market. It, like most electric drivers, has a 7 Amp motor that can spin at 2100 RPM. This head speed is the fastest of the electric drivers reviewed on Trusted Tool Advisor which makes it more suitable for low torque requirement jobs.

The Chicago electric driver also includes a ball detent system to secure your sockets when they are not in use which save them trailing around and casuing damage. The tool can be operated one-handed and the rocker switch allows for easy switching between forward and reverse.

The facts about the Chicago Wrench

  • Fast head speed: 2,100 RPM
  • 7 amp motor drive
  • 240 foot pounds of maximum torque
  • one handed operation
  • easy control system

The Results of the Chicago tool

This product has received mixed reviews since its launch. Heavy users that purchased this device to try and save money found that they had made a mistake as it is not capable of full and heavy constant use. Its fast head speed makes its best application small jobs around the home where screw may require driving in.

For a similarly low priced product that has more guts and will leave you feeling happier about your purchase after a year of use, check out the Kawasaki Clever.

List Price: $59.64 USD
New From: $49.77 In Stock

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