Meet the biggest Impact wrench – The Chicago Pneumatic CP77756

Chicago Pneumatic CP7775-6 Summary

The biggest and most powerful torque wrench

Product Description

The Chicago Pneumatic CP7775-6 is a heavy-duty air impact wrench with an awesome maximum torque that is guaranteed to move most things that cross its path. This wrench is capable of producing an amazing 1,550 lbs/ft of torque. This level of maximum torque puts the CP7775-6 at the top of its class for maximum torque by over 300 lbs/ft.

The down side to this incredible power is the ergonomics of the tool it weights in at 25 lbs and stands a height of over 20 inches. This limits its usability and operational qualities by simply being to big and heavy to operate with a single hand or in tight places. It can therefore be said that this tool is designed with the large construction job in mind where space and weight are not issues.

The Chicago Pneumatic CP7775-6 also features a variable speed control valve system which include a reverse gear at full speed. The torque level is controlled by an easily accessible four step switch. The no-load head speed is 5,300RPM with average an air consumption of 8.7 CFM which is lower than some of of the CP7775-6’s competitors that don’t compare on power. The hammer mode can produce a maximum of 750 Impacts Per Minute. The CP7775-6 directs exhaust air away from the operator and is designed with an over-molded side handle for greater comfort and full control. The wrench is designed good enough to allow you handling those 1550 lbs/ft

Chicago Pneumatic CP7775-6 Details

  • 1550 lbs/ft of pure torque
  • Big and beefy at 25 lbs and 20 inches tall
  • Directs exhaust air away from operator and work area
  • Four position power control in forward and reverse
  • Air consumption of 8.7 CFM with 1 inch hose connection

The Conclusion to buy the heavy duty wrench

Chicago Pneumatic CP7775-6 by far and away the most powerful heavy-duty air impact wrench in its class. It boasts a ridiculously huge toque and head speed, it will get the job done fast and efficiently. However, the 1,550 foot-pounds of torque is rarely required so this tool is recommended for those that like to have the most powerful toys and tools or for those that truly need a high powered device such as this.

The body of the tool is large and perhaps too big for most applications. It will simply get in the way of itself during work and could possibly hold work up. The price is not cheap either at almost $600.

This tool is a great product for those that will make full use of the torque but is not ideal for an every day using tool due to its size. The IR2141 is roughly 15% more expensive but is less than half the size and a sixth of the weight of the Chicago Pneumatic CP7775-6.

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