Dewalt D55141 8-Amp 0.5HP 2-Gallon Oil-Free Single Hot Dog Compressor

Dewalt DEWD55141 Summary

Some assembly required: $15 worth of plumbing supplies and you have a compressor that’ll do in a pinch

Dewalt DEWD55141 Details

The DEWD55141 is a great purchase for the budget-minded do-it-yourselfer but requires some modifications to prevent water from destroying your tools. A trip to Lowes and $15 later you have a decent compressor to runs your tools. As far as budget compressors go this isn’t all that bad of a deal but there’s quite a few other compressors out there that are cheaper and actually designed better. I would definitely consider one of the cheaper Craftsmen compressors or even one of Dewalt’s other cheaper offerings before buying this one.

  • fairly quiet
  • roll cage to protect the tank from being damaged if knocked over
  • durable and low-maintenance
  • lightweight
  • designed to NOT trip your breakers

The Recommendation

The DEWD55141 is a quality and portable compressor but tends to dump water into your tools through the header. If you’re not afraid to modify the thing with a few bucks worth of plumbing supplies this is a good purchase but otherwise go with one of Dewalt’s other offerings that has more sensible plumbing out of the box.

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