Dewalt D55151 14 Amp 2.5HP 4-Gallon Oiled Twin Hot Dog Compressor

Dewalt D55151 Summary

Requires your own female connector and an occasional lube

Product Description

The Dewalt D55151 compressor provides the features and power of larger, more expensive compressors in a smaller package and with a lower price. Compressor pumps that use an oil reservoir require a tiny bit of maintenance but generally outlast oil-free compressors. Ideal for nailers, staplers, sprayers, and light grinders. The D55151 is both portable and versatile enough for use on the job site and yet still within the budget of home owners and the DIY crowd.

Dewalt D55151 Details

  • quick recovery
  • good for cold weather use
  • high-flow air regulator increases performance
  • minimal maintenance required

The Conclusion

It comes without a female hose connector which is only a minor inconvenience. The oil-lubricated pump doesn’t freeze up when used infrequently but can be a hassle for people who tend not to change the oil in their tools/cars/etc. Compressors such as the Makita MAC2400 provide a better compressor with less noise, better performance, and less noise but if noise isn’t a huge concern the D55151 is a great addition to any small shop or garage so grab one of those instead.

List Price: $199.97 USD
New From: $199.97 In Stock

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