Dewalt D55168 200 PSI 15-Gallon 120V Electric Wheeled Portable Workshop Compressor Review

Dewalt D55168 Summary

Lightweight, portable, and works harder than your boss

Product Description

With 200 PSI of pressure and a pump that can keep up with your tools without missing a breath you can get anything done in your home, garage or small shop without breaking the bank. The D55168 is a great choice for roofing, cleanup, and maintenance on your cars while still being powerful enough to run small grinders and painting gear. This is a definite top 5 for small, light and medium duty home compressors but not well suited for commercial use or when you need to do heavy duty work or use industrial-grade tools.

Dewalt D55168 Features

  • recovers quickly between uses so you can get more work done in less time
  • run your tools longer thanks to a high-pressure storage tank
  • less than 75 db to keep your shop quiet
  • oil-less, low-maintenance pump that can even be used with an extension cord due to low amp usage

The Consensus

The D55168 compressor from Dewalt is one of their best low-price offerings for home and small shop use. If you’re in need of a quality replacement for your aging Craftsmen pancake compressor or need to upgrade to run tools with higher pressure and air volume requirements you should definitely short-list this one.

This is by no means a top-end commercial shop compressor but for most home and small shop use it will be more than enough and unlike many compressors the D55168 can be used with extension cords without worrying about fire hazards due to excessive amperage draw; this is a must-have for me when choosing a compressor as I have a small shop and am always moving things around as I work to make room for my projects.

The only thing wanting is it’s wheel system and the fact that the drain is close too close to the floor. Most people from what I’ve see just build a small stand/ramp to keep it off the ground and so far it’s worked well for me this way. If you want a great value in a portable compressor this is it, order one before you regret it.

List Price: $710.42 USD
New From: $389.00 In Stock

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