Heavy Duty Torque Wrenches

Which Heavy duty air wrench is the best for you?

Heavy duty impact wrenches are most likely to be seen in manufacturing factories and large construction sites. Some auto mechanics do choose to use heavy duty air powered impact torque wrenches however, they are not a requirement in this specific industry due to the huge power output that they are capable of and the relatively low requirement in the auto industry.

The top end of the air powered torque wrench market is predominantly 3/4 inch and 1 inch male drive shaft connections. These tools are the most expensive torque wrenches that are on sale all over and should therefore be explored to ensure that you are making the correct purchase. They deliver maximum torque levels that aren’t seen in small devices and vary in size from a slender and flexible device to bulky tools that limit the application.

The Best for Daily Use

If you are looking for a product that is a good mix of maximum torque raw power and reliability and assurances that you will not be let down, the IR2141 cannot be beaten. It delivers and unprecedented 1,200 foot-pounds of torque for a machine that weighs just 7 pounds and stands just over 8 inches tall giving the IR2141 the title of the highest pound to weight ration in the class. Its reliability cannot be beaten and its extremely rare for owners to require using their warrantee.

The Best 1 inch Model

The category of heavy duty air powered impact torque wrenches is fairly much dominated by the Ingersoll-Rand products. However, the wrench that takes the title of best 1 inch model is not an IR tool. The best 1 inch is the Chicago Pneumatic CP7775-6 which delivers an astonishing 1,550 foot-pounds of torque which ensures that you can complete any job.

The Best All around Model

Ingersoll-Rand have two budget products that fall into the heavy duty air powered torque wrench category; one 3/4 inch male drive shaft connection and one 1 inch. However, the best all round for a budget model is the IR-261. It can deliver over 1,100 foot-pounds of torque which is enough for most applications and is still a relatively sleek design.

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