iCarez iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Anti-Scratch Screen Protector

List Price: $29.99 USD
New From: $6.95 In Stock
Used from: $1.96 In Stock

Ok guys, you know the deal… your phone will get scratched.

Keys, screws, tools, and other miscellaneous crap that finds it’s way into your pockets while you work will guaranteed scratch the hell out of your phone.

In 2005 with your flip phone it just added character. But now with your flat smart phone it just adds aggravation! It’s the smart phone version of death by a thousand small cuts.

So just get one of these. Install it properly (clean, no I mean REALLY clean, the phone first). And replace it when it gets scratched up enough to drive you nuts.

Bada bing bada bang bada boom done!

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