Ingersoll Rand 236 Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll-Rand IRT236 Summary

it’s a lightweight use Ingersoll-Rand tool for light use

Product Description

Ingersoll-Rand’s 1/2 inch 236 is a rugged air powered torque wrench that sits roughly in the middle of the range and to the lower end for an IR’s tool. It is built to the high standards of IR quality but may be slightly lacking in the maximum power. The power output from the IR236 is a maximum of 450 lbs/ft with an operating torque of around 375 lbs/ft. The IR236 also comes with a large operating range of torque that allows it to be operated down to just 20 lbs/ft.

The IR236 requires an air consumption of 4.3 CFM which therefore means that the air compressor requirements are slightly higher than some of the other ranges of tools but a 4.3 CFM is fairly standard for the power output that is achieved from the IR236. The control system allows for a variable drive allowing quick acceleration and braking of the head speed which spins at a maximum no load speed of 7,400 RPM.

Weighing in at 5.3 lbs makes the Ingersoll-Rand 236 an average weight in its category. The length is also fairly standard at just over 7 inches. Something that stands out as a big advantage of the IR236 is the noise level that is produced by the tool working on full load. It will emit just 90.3 dB which is low for power that is produced.

The Specifications of the Ingersoll-Rand IRT236

  • Maximum torque of 450 lbs/ft
  • No Load speed of 7,400 RPM
  • Variable speed control system
  • Noise level of 90.3 dB
  • Weighs 5.3 pounds and measures 7 inches

The Conclusion on the IR 236

This is by no means the cheapest 1/2 inch air hose connection pressure powered tool available but being an Ingersoll-Rand means that the quality of the product is more likely to be of a higher order than other cheaper models. The size and weight of the IR236 are standard for its range. The design of the handle grip has had a lot of time and effort spent on it to ensure that the user gets a good operating experience.

The price of the tool is just a little lower than the next specification one in the Ingersoll-Rand range which puts this tool in the category of being the best IR product for those looking for a product to use very lightly.

If you are looking for a more beefier product, the IR2135 is around 2-3 time more powerful. However, this product comes with a large price tag. A similar tool that has a much lower price is the TL050299AV.

List Price: $171.00 USD
New From: $84.00 In Stock

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