The Ergonomic Ingersoll-Rand IRT285B-6 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Ingersoll-Rand IRT285B-6 Summary

Design with the user in mind for easy use

Product Description

The Ingersoll Rand RT285B-6 is a 1-Inch Pneumatic Impact Wrench with very attractive price and some great features that we have come to expect from IR products. It does however compromise on size and total weight from huge power and features that it provides.

It is built with a robust 6-vane air powered motor mechanism which is fully capable of delivering a maximum torque of up to 1,450 foot-pounds. This is achieved with a free no-load speed of 5,000 RPM. As mentioned, the wrench is a cumbersome device and weighs 27.3 lbs and lies at a long 20.1 inches. The average air consumption required to power the wrench is 10 cfm which is on the high side and requires a higher specification air compressor than most. The output sound levels are also on the high side with a range of 107/120db.
Although, being larger than most heavy duty torque wrenches, the IRT285B-6`s design has been designed with ergonomics in mind. It features body parts such as an ergonomic swept-back side handle which allows for easy two handed operation. The 3 position power regulator switch is in the perfect place and is axactly where you would expect it to be and the “angle-down” exhaust system improves user safety. The touch trigger is sensitive to give the user greater control and the 6 inch extended anvil improves manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Ingersoll-Rand IRT285B-6 – Finest Details

  • 6-vane air motor mechanism
  • 1,450 foot-pounds of maximum torque
  • Speed: 5,000 rpm
  • Inlet to prevent hose kicks
  • Six-inch extended anvil for better manoeuvrability

Our thoughts on the IRT285B-6

Although not being the cheapest in the heavy duty class of ait powered torque wrenches, the IRT285B-6 boasts some of the best features for a highly competitive price. It is by far the best budget 1 inch heavy duty tool and the ergonomic design allows for extreme comfort and ease of use. Other advantages of the IRT285B-6 are its design and high power to weight ratio and its extended control system features.
However, the IRT285B-6 is not a small product and is therefore not for every one. The 1,450 ft-lbs of torque is more than enough to dispatch most nuts and bolts however, some users are reporting reliability issues with the product. This is a small minority and most owners of the IRT285B-6 are fully satisfied with their purchase. Its worth getting an extended warranty to cover this issue.

Another budget heavy duty air power impact wrench is the IR261 which features a 3/4 male drive shaft connection. This product is around $40 cheaper and although it lacks in power, it also weighs less and is smaller allowing for better flexibility in tight spaces.

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Release date November 15, 2013.
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