Kawasaki Electric Roadside Impact Wrench Kit Model 841337

Kawasaki Summary

Just the thing for out on the road

Product Description

Kawasaki is better known for making high end sports bikes and winning MotoGP races than they are for producing tools. However, they have produced the Kawasaki Clever which is a 12 Volt DC Electric Roadside Impact Wrench. It is by far the best looking of all electric powered torque wrenches with a sleek sport body work design. However, looking good doesn’t get jobs done so how does it perform?

The answer is simply good enough. It may not be a mean muscle machine but it is capable of delivering 280 foot-pounds of torque which will get you through most tire changes and tire rotations. And once the lugs are loose, the speed is fantastic at 3,600 RPM with no load attached. That means that for low torque screwing jobs, this electric tool will by far and away be the quickest of all tools in it category. It can deliver the required torque to secure car wheels on and is therefore good for road side activities. A weight of under 6 pounds makes it one of the lightest in its class and a length on 10 inches puts it in the middle of the size chart for electric tools. While the 12V DC cord makes it clumsy in the workshop, that’s not really the intended use.

Kawasaki Important Specifications

  • 280 foot-pounds max. torque
  • 80 Watt motor
  • 12V DC Vehicle power outlet
  • 3,600 RPM no-load speed
  • Reversible speed drive

What we think of the Kawasaki

This Kawasaki Clever generally receives begrudging good words from professionals that require medium powered electric tools and from those that require a quality product for domestic use. Nobody wants to like it, but it actually works quite well.

There are of course hoards of electric drivers in the market but this one has the distinction of working off your vehicle’s power. Plus, it’s the most sporty looking of the lot! The black and green body work looks like it would well have come straight off of a super bike.

The price is extremely low and the Kawasaki Clever manages to compete with the big boys in the industry for the power and maximum torque produced. It is all round a good tool that will work when you need it most and has the umph required for most jobs.

If you’re looking for a tool for general use around the house, then the products from Milwaukee and DeWalt are of course worth consideration but will also cost more.

For a builder that requires constant and all day use, check out the DeWALT DW-292K or the Milwaukee 9070-22.

But if you want the best tool for rotating tires and for roadside repairs, this is the real deal. Especially if you live where the weather is horrible, because nobody wants to screw around with a crappy spare tire lug wrench in the snow or rain or freezing cold. Why is the Kawasaki Clever the best tool to keep in your car? Because the best tool when you need it is the one that you actually have on hand. Go ahead and pick one up today.

List Price: $49.99 USD

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