Looking for a cordless electric driver? Which one is right for you?

Without doubt, the most exciting category of wrench driver at the moment are those that are powered from electric motors with out the need for cords and cables. The huge recent advancements in battery technology has meant that the cordless driver that used to be a tool that was laughed at, is now starting to be taken seriously by professionals in the construction and auto-mechanic industry.

For the users, this is great news. Cordless electric drivers require almost zero set up time and the lack of a cable or air pressure hose mean that they can be used anywhere and everywhere. The cordless models are currently slightly down on power than electric drivers that have a cord plugged into the mains however, they have reached a maximum torque output that is more than capable of performing most jobs that you throw at them.

We will now reveal the three best tools for different user requirements.

The Best for Daily Use

There is competition for the best daily use model between the Makita 253 and the Milwaukee 0779-22 of which both tools are similarly specified. The Makita is a 3/8 inch socket connection whilst the Milwaukee is a 1/2 inch tool that costs 20% more. We advise that unless you specifically require a 1/2 inch tool, you will be better off all around with the Makita 253.

The Best Budget Model

The best budget model goes to the DeWalt DC821KA which is priced at a competitive $248. The DeWalt does not lack in power for the money savings and will be able to get the job done performing as well as the more expensive tools in the market. The high quality of DeWalt’s manufacturing will ensure that it is worksite toughened and ready for action.

The Best for Light Use

The best cordless driver for light use is the Bosch 22612. It has a low power output in terms of maximum torque, however, what it lacks in power it makes up for in absolute head speed where this tool runs away with the fastest title. It is good for low impact jobs and therefore puts it in the category of light use.

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