Makita BTW253 Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench

Makita BTW253 Summary

the cordless electric driver that will not let you down

Product Description

Makita make a good range of electric driver tools. The BTW235 is the jewel in the Makita crown. It has the highest price tag which may deter some straight away but this tool does live up to the price tag and fully justifies itself with its high performance. The power to driver the motor is delivered from two Lithium-Ion 18 volt battery which is capable of driving the electric motor to a huge 154 foot-pounds of torque. This may seem low but for a tool that can be picked up and used absolutely anywhere without the requirement for air compressors or cables, it is astonishing.

The compact motor provides 2,100 RPM and 3,200 IPM for the added muscle required to pull through all tough jobs. The device includes a built in LED light for increased job site visibility. The body of the tool is a compact and lightweight design. The hanfle has been designed to a high ergonomic standard that reduced operator fatigue during use.

The Lithium-Ion battery optimum charging system produces 430 percent total lifetime on a single charge which ensures that iyou will not be left with a half finished job. Our Makita have taken this tool to large construction tests and applied shock tests to ensure that it meets durability requirements. The BTW253 weighs just 3.4 pounds and is small enough to fit into any tool box easily.

Makita BTW253 Key Details

  • 4-pole variable speed motor provides superior fastening power
  • 155 foot-pounds of Max Torque
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Built-in LED to illuminates work area
  • Lithium-Ion battery and Energy Star rated
  • 30-Minute Rapid Optimum Charger

The Overall Recommendation on the BTW253

This is an absolutely amazing product. It is by far and away the best product available for those looking to own an electric powered cordless tool. The power output and functional features are incredible for a tool of this size. The Lithium-Ion battery ensures that you will not be caught short.

The bodywork and design of the machine have all been done with you the user in mind. The soft grip handle works hard to dampen the effects of recoil being induced into the hand and wrists of the operator. It is a durable and reliable product that is great for heavy and everyday users.

The only limiting factor for this product is the price as almost $350. The Makita WT01W is the best budget cordless electric driver from the same manufacturer at less than half the price.

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