Makita MAC2400 Big-Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC2400 Summary

Best in class compressor at a price even your cheapskate father-in-law won’t cry about

Product Description

Makita’s MAC2400 big bore compressor is probably the best choice of compressor for a wide variety of applications that homeowners and contractors will run up against. A lot of compressors run often but this one holds air forever and unless you’re running high-speed tools that suck down air like a guy drowning in the river it rarely even runs the pump. The MAC2400 is heavier and larger than you would expect for a compressor with it’s specs but the fact that it’s almost silent, rarely runs, and can keep up with whatever you throw at it I can forgive it that “flaw.”

Makita MAC2400 Specifications

  • quiet operation
  • low maintenance design
  • professional-grade power for the jobsite
  • built to last
  • easy to remove pump makes maintenance a breeze
  • excellent 1-year manufacturer warranty

The Consensus

A definite best buy at its price point. Overengineered but in a good way; provides lots of air and barely needs to run for routine jobs. The MAC2400 provides a professional-quality jobsite compressor that homeowners and do it yourselfers can still afford without dipping into your kid’s college fund. Unless you are running heavy duty tools this Makita will blow you away and leave you with money to buy more tools and materials.

List Price: $299.99 USD
New From: $299.99 In Stock

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