Milwaukee’s big brother – the 0779-22 Cordless Wrench

Milwaukee 077922 Summary

the big boy cordless that packs a mean punch

Product Description

The Milwaukee 0779-22 is a 1/2 inch impact wrench that delivers the goods in terms of power output. The maximum torque that this thing is capable of is 325 foot-pound which makes it the most powerful cordless electric driver available. This is achieved by using a massive 28V Lithium-Ion battery which is revolutionary in a tool of this type

Milwaukee manage to combine high torque with a head speed of 1,450 rpm and an impressive 2,450 impacts per minute which can make any job take no longer than a matter of seconds. The 28V battery also has the guts to run all day on a single charge increasing run time and making perfect for long days on the construction site. The 1/2 inch connection allows it to drill bigger holes and remove larger nuts. The powerful Milwaukee 28V motor makes breaking loose ‘stuck’ nuts a breeze.

The tool is also extremely heavy-duty and hard wearing thanks to the mechanism being made from hardened magnesium. The handle and externals are covered with comfortable non-slip, soft-grip material that reduces vibration to the operator and fatigue. The drive control system incorporates a forward/reverse shuttle which is conveniently located above the variable speed switch for fast, easy access. The tool weighs in at one of the heaviest in its class at 9 pounds and stands tall at just over 12 inches.

The Features of the Milwaukee 0779-22

  • Revolutionary 28 Volt Lithium-Ion Technology
  • 325 foot-pounds of maximum torque
  • Fast head speed of 1,450 rpm and delivers 2,450 blows per minute
  • Heavy-duty durability designed for hard wear
  • Ergonomic design with soft-grip non-slip handle

Our Conclusion on the Milwaukee 0779-22

This tool is a heaven sent miracle to those construction workers that require a heavy duty yet portable impact wrench driver. Being able to deliver 325 foot-pounds of torque doesn’t just happen by accident. The engineering that has gone into developing the 0779-22 is remarkable. This tool has the power to out drive any other cordless driver ensuring that you don’t become a cropper to costly delays.

Not only is the Milwaukee 0779-22 the most powerful in the range, it is the most pricey. It does however weigh in as the best 1/2 inch cordless torque wrench that is available and as such certain has its applications in the construction industry.

If you love the Milwaukee 0779-22 but simply cannot stomach the price tag, check out the DeWalt DC821KA. It costs $150 less than the Milwaukee and is a worthy advisory in the cordless market.

List Price: $500.99 USD
New From: $500.99 In Stock
Used from: $499.97 In Stock

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