Which Mini / Trim Air Compressor is the Best?

Trim compressors are mega-portable units which are used generally for finish carpentry work and other applications that don’t require much air flow or pressure. Choose a trim compressor when you’ll be doing small jobs with staplers, nailers, airbrushes and small sprayers or just need a unit that you can carry around without being hampered by weight or size.

Mini and trim compressors are the new comers to the air compressor market but have really been driving innovation. You’ll find more than sufficient selection of excellent, versatile, and capable units in the mini market.

As with other portables only buy one if you have low airflow requirements and won’t be using tools like die grinders which require high pressure and sustained airflow. Also consider trim compressors when you have limited space or have a need for a super quiet compressor. Any of the below trim compressors would make excellent secondary units to backup your shop compressor and help you get things done on the go.

Of all the mini compressors that are available these three stand out of the crowd as superb units. Any of these would be great additions to your shop or great gifts for tool lovers you know. Let your personal preference guide which of these you buy.

The Makita MAC700 is a little heavier and a little bulkier, but it’s ultra quiet and still has the mustard to drive an impact or a full size nail gun, and it should quite literally last forever.

The DeWALT D55140 is a professional grade trim compressor in a compact format that doubles as a stool.

The Porter Cable C1010 is similar to the DeWALT that it really just comes down to whether you want yellow or red.

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