OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6 Plus Case

The OtterBox Defender is and always has been the gold standard for contractors.

It’s bulletproof. Well, not really “bullet” proof, but about as close as you’ll get for your fragile iPhone.

It INCLUDES the screen protection, so you don’t have to drop another $15 to get that separately.

It INCLUDES a belt holster so you keep it with you while working.

Its just big bulky and ugly. But so what, your phone is a tool, and your first goal is for your tools to work and to last. Hey, at least they added some color options, so stop whining about ugly, man up, and protect your phone.

Yeah sure its $30 to $40…. but if you want your $600 iPhone to at least survive two years until your next contract upgrade, it’s money well spent.

List Price: $32.49 USD
New From: $32.49 In Stock
Used from: $21.99 In Stock

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