Porter-Cable C1010 Review

Porter-Cable C1010 Summary

Except for minor trim details this is the same unit as the DeWALT D55140. But whether you buy red or yellow, your friends will be green with envy.

Porter-Cable C1010 Trim Compressor Details

Heavy-Duty, 1-Gallon, 135 PSI Max, oil free, QUIET Trim Compressor. Includes an Air Regulator, guages, and Quick-Couplers, and carries a Porter-Cable One-Year Warranty

Just because it’s small and quiet doesn’t mean it isn’t mighty. In fact this little unit is anything but flimsy. The opposite in fact turns out to be the case. A compressor with a smaller tank will cycle more often, and this unit is built heavy-duty to last. Plus, it’s also designed to be quiet (operating at 71 decibels) for working indoors, possibly when customers are at home. This unit is ideal for finish carpenters, remodelers, kitchen installers, plumbers (for clearing clogs and pressure testing new runs)… and some people even spray wall texture with it!

Plus, it’s compact design and clever ergonomics not only make it easy to haul and carry, even in the tightest of spaces… but the full cage design and metal shrouding protects the unit from the rigors of daily abuse from transportation and use.

Porter-Cable C1010 Specifications

  • 0.75 SCFM @90 PSI
  • Compact one-gallon tank and 135 PSI max provide burst power with fast 20 second recycle
  • Maintenance-free compressor is durable and built to last
  • Low 71 dBA for extremely quiet operation
  • 2.6-amp draw conveniently runs on available power without tripping customer’s breakers
  • Built in regulator for professional results
  • Clever ergonomics and compact design for ultra portability and convenience

Should You Buy a Porter Cable C1010?

Times have changed… a compressor doesn’t have to be big and bulky to serve almost all of the most common uses.

This compressor is a no brainer. It does nearly everything a trim compressor should and it even does most of what a shop compressor is expected to do. If you don’t need sustained CFM, ie auto body, welding, grinding… then the Porter-Cable C1010 is a home run.

The only question really is if you want red (the Porter Cable C1010 is red) or yellow (the DeWALT D55140 is almost the same exact thing, except in yellow).

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