Porter-Cable PT382 Pistol Air Wrench

 Porter-Cable PT382 Summary

Cheapest 3/8 inch air powered, best for light domestic use

Product Description

The Porter-Cable PT382 is the lowest priced air powered torque wrench in the 3/8 inch range costing under $80. The PT382 however, does not lack in power and is capable of producing 125 lbs/ft maximum torque output. The power is delivered through a pneumatic impact wrench mechanism that is durable. The same torque is available in reverse condition with the simple flick of a switch. Porter-Cable claim that the PT382 is a heavy duty product that is designed for the household use rather than professional workshop use. The impact wrench is capable of delivering 1,000 impacts per minute which is to the lower end of capabilities of wrenches. The PT382 weighs just under 5 lbs and stands 8 inches tall. The operation of the tool is extremely simple and Porter-Cable have created a pistol style handle to ensure accuracy when using.

Pointing out the Porter-Cable PT382 Features

  • Low price with medium power
  • Precise control from the variable-speed trigger
  • Simple one touch forward/reverse switch
  • 125 lbs/ft operating torque
  • Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Proving the Porter-Cable PT382

Review of this product are mixed but the simple facts in the tool industry are that you pay for what you get. The Porter-Cable PT382 is quite simply the cheapest 3/8 inch air powered tool that is available on the market and therefore will not perform as well as ones that are three or four times the price. That being said, every tool has a perfect application and the right user. The PT382 is perfect for the home user that can make use of the increased power of an air torque wrench. It also does not have the fancy features of other tools in the same category such as regulation and vibration stabilisers but delivers a respectable torque for its size.

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