Power Force by Ingersoll Rand – The PF700 Air Ratchet Wrench

Ingersoll-Rand PF700 Summary

It’s a lightweight Ingersoll-Rand product

Product Description

The Ingersoll-Rand PF700 is the cheapest of the air torque wrenches and the cheapest product sold by the brand. This is therefore a budget IR product but puts it in the same price bracket as other brands of air ratchet wrenches. For Ingersoll-Rand to release a product at such a low price shows that the company have ambitions to con

The Specification for the Ingersoll-Rand PF700

  • Maximum Torque – 55 lbs/ft
  • No load Speed – 160 RPM
  • Lightweight at just – 2.6 lbs
  • Air consumption of 4 SCFM

Our Perception of the Power Force

This product is for those that want to purchase a tool with the big brand name but pay the price of a corner street tool. It is amazing to see an Ingersoll-Rand product on the open market for just $39.

The PF700 s hugely down on torque and power compared to other in the class but Ingersoll-Rand would certainly not risk selling a product that could potentially damage their reputation by making it weak and un-reliable. Based on this fact, you can be almost certain that the PF700 will be a great tool and will not let you down when you need it.

If you are not bothered about the brand name, the TL1017 is a tool with a lot more umph for the same price.

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