Quincy QT-54 Reciprocating Air Compressor Review 5 HP 230V Single Phase

Quincy Compressor Summary

More hot air than a senator but without the noise

Product Description

Quincy air compressors have been designed to be a staple of your garage for the long haul. This compressor is built to be super efficient and have a low cost of operation/ownership while producing more compressed air even with a lower horsepower rating. Quincy compressors run cooler than the competition, operate at lower RPM, and have a best-of-industry pump life of over 50,000 hours. Also, for cramped spaces the Quincy’s vertical 60 gallon tank holds plenty of air for running your must used tools without dominating your workspace. Couple all of this with a solid 5-year pump warranty (when you use the recommended maintenance kit) and a 2-year limited warranty otherwise you just can’t go wrong.

With 15.2 CFM of air @ 175 PSI to work with you can run you medium and heavy-duty grinders, painting gear, die grinders, and pretty much any other pneumatic tools that you have in your shop. Although it’s not a super large compressor it’s meant for stationary use and would not be a good buy if you need something portable; go with something like the Makita 5200.

Quincy Compressor Specifications

  • 230v, single phase, 5HP, 21 amp motor made in the USA to exacting standards
  • 175 PSI output to power those heavier tools
  • 15.4 cubic feet/min of air to keep your tools running longer
  • compact vertical tank saves space in your garage while still holding 60 gallons of air
  • cast iron pump with 50,000+ hour life

The Recommendation

This Quincy compressor provides almost all of my must-have features in a compact, low-cost package; quiet, high-pressure output to make my tools run longer, stronger, and more efficiently. After trying other compressors with a three-stage process the two-stage Quincy provides plenty of pressure without taking over my garage and annoying my neighbors with vibrations and noise. When you need a reliable compressor that won’t cost a fortune to maintain and will last a close to forever as a tool possibly can buy the Quincy reciprocating compressor and keep working while your buddies keep having to repair theirs so be the envy of your culdesac and buy the Quincy compressor right now.

List Price: $1,399.99 USD
New From: $1,399.99 In Stock

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