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3/8″ Air Impact Wrench Reviews

Comparing 3/8 inch Air Powered Torque Wrench Drivers

3/8 inch air hoses often offer savings for auto mechanic garages and construction sites and this gives the opportunity for tool manufactures to expand their range of tools to be compatible with these air hoses. Ingersoll-Rand are a strong player in the air powered pneumatic took market and dominate the market for the middle and high end 3/8 inch tools. Their Hammerhead Impact tool has clever technology built in to reduce noise and vibration while it suffers slightly on weight and overall size.

The IR 2115 TiMAX is a great product for those in the auto mechanic industry as it is small, lightweight and durable whilst providing large power output and high impact speed. However, it is a fairly pricey tool. The Ingersoll-Rand 212 is the budget 3/8 inch torque wrench which offers the user the quality and the brand name of a trusted company but at a lower price. The Porter-Cable PT382 is a good tool for the light user as it is at the lower end for impact speed and operating torque.

Every tool has the perfect owner and every owner has a perfect tool. The four air powered 3/8 inch hose connection tools reviewed each have a different application for a defined task.

The Best 3/8 inch Air Powered Torque Wrenchs

Heavy Duty 3/8 inch air torque wrench: Ingersoll-Rand Hammerhead Impactool

Best Power to weight ratio 3/8 inch air torque wrench: Ingersoll-Rand 2115TiMAX

Middle Range 3/8 inch air torque wrench: Ingersoll-Rand IRT212

Light Weight Domestic 3/8 inch air torque wrench: Porter-Cable PT382

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Porter-Cable PT382 Pistol Air Wrench

 Porter-Cable PT382 Summary

Cheapest 3/8 inch air powered, best for light domestic use

Product Description

The Porter-Cable PT382 is the lowest priced air powered torque wrench in the 3/8 inch range costing under $80. The PT382 however, does not lack in power and is capable of producing 125 lbs/ft maximum torque output. The power is delivered through a pneumatic impact wrench mechanism that is durable. The same torque is available in reverse condition with the simple flick of a switch. Porter-Cable claim that the PT382 is a heavy duty product that is designed for the household use rather than professional workshop use. The impact wrench is capable of delivering 1,000 impacts per minute which is to the lower end of capabilities of wrenches. The PT382 weighs just under 5 lbs and stands 8 inches tall. The operation of the tool is extremely simple and Porter-Cable have created a pistol style handle to ensure accuracy when using.

Pointing out the Porter-Cable PT382 Features

  • Low price with medium power
  • Precise control from the variable-speed trigger
  • Simple one touch forward/reverse switch
  • 125 lbs/ft operating torque
  • Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Proving the Porter-Cable PT382

Review of this product are mixed but the simple facts in the tool industry are that you pay for what you get. The Porter-Cable PT382 is quite simply the cheapest 3/8 inch air powered tool that is available on the market and therefore will not perform as well as ones that are three or four times the price. That being said, every tool has a perfect application and the right user. The PT382 is perfect for the home user that can make use of the increased power of an air torque wrench. It also does not have the fancy features of other tools in the same category such as regulation and vibration stabilisers but delivers a respectable torque for its size.

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Ingersoll-Rand IRT212 3/8 inch

Ingersoll-Rand IRT212 Summary

Best budget Ingersoll-Rand air wrench product

Product Description

Ingersoll-Rand are the brand of choice for many car mechanics and other construction industries that require lightweight ratchet power tools. The IRT212 offers the user the chance to own an Ingersoll-Rand power tool for a fraction of the cost. The IRT212 runs AT 1,500 impacts per minute at a maximum torque of 180 lbs/ft. It is another lightweight device at just 2.9 lbs which also makes the power to weight ratio high. The operating torque is 20 – 150 lbs/ft giving the IRT212 a large range to deal with most jobs. It is a hammer mechanism device that measures just 6 inches. The air inlet control system keeps the tool stable by ensuring that the output of the machine is unaffected by any change in air pressure.

Ingersoll-Rand features the IRT212

  • 150 lbs/ft operating torque
  • Control system regulates against air pressure change
  • Less vibration
  • Built-in power regulator prevents over-torqing
  • Handheld pistol handle design
  • Low price with Ingersoll-Rand quality

Interogating the IRT212

The IRT212 sits at the lower end of Ingersoll-Rand’s range. That means that you will get the same quality that you get from an Ingersoll-Rand quality product for around half of the cost of a full specification model. This product is ideal for the home mechanic that will use the tool relatively infrequently. The reliability of all Ingersoll-Rand products is good but this one will not boast the same lifetime as some of the more expensive products. It has more than enough torque and power to zip out the majority of bolts. As air tools go, this is the lowest in the Ingersoll-Rand range which is built to compete with some of the other brands low range models.

List Price: $125.53 USD
New From: $108.00 In Stock
Release date June 7, 2013.
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The Hard Hitting Ingersoll-Rand 2115TiMAX Impactool

Ingersoll-Rand 2115TiMAX Summary

Best power-to-weight ratio for a 3/8 inch air powered driver

Product Description

The Ingersoll-Rand 2115TiMAX is an air powered ratchet from IR’s Impactool range that is a small but highly powerful machine. Weighing just 2.5lbs, this is the lightest of the 3/8 inch air powered range and standing at 6 inches is also one of the smallest. However, the 2115TiMax is fully capable of producing 230 lbs/ft of torque with a operating torque range of 25 – 230 lbs/ft. The tool mechanism is a twin hammer design that makes use of advance metal engineering and technology to ensure that the product has maximum strength and durability. The motor control is provided with a four position regulator to ensure that the user also deliver the correct amount of power required for the job.

Ingersoll-Rand 2115TiMAX Specifications

  • Best power to weight ratio in class
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs, Size: 6 inches
  • High reliability and low failure rate
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Offers 1,500 impacts per minute

The Maximum Conclusion for the 2115 Ti MAX

This tool is priced in the middle of its range but delivers the most operating torque and power as well as being the lightest in the range of 3/8 inch air pressure powered tools. The Ingersoll-Rand 2115TiMAXs impressive design allows for consistent and steady use and allows the user to feel comfortable when holding and operating the tool. The manufacturing techniques that were applied ensure that the tool will last for multi-thousands of operations without failure. This tool is recommended for an every day user that is looking for a tool that will deliver high power for a small and lightweight device. The power and durability of the 2115TiMAX make this a very good product for the price.

List Price: Too Low to Display
New From: Check Amazon For Pricing In Stock
Used from: $141.50 In Stock
Release date June 7, 2013.
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Exploring the Hammerhead Impactool Ingersoll-Rand 3/8 inch

List Price: $260.85 USD
New From: $240.87 In Stock
Release date June 6, 2013.

Ingersoll-Rand 3/8 inch Hammerhead Impactool Summary

Power of a torque wrench, Size of a ratchet

Product Description

The Ingersoll Rand 3/8in Hammerhead Impactool is the ultimate tool to many people in the construction industry. It offers the user almost twice the power of other ratchets that are a similar size (180 lbs/ft) giving the Ingersoll Rand Hammerhead the feel of an impact wrench whilst being the weight and size of a ratchet at just 3.4lbs and 13 inches. This allows the user to have maximum power from their tools even when working in enclosed areas. The tool is controlled by a variable feather touch trigger which can be set to two power settings as well as a reverse motion giving the operator full control. The Hammerhead delivers 2,100 impacts per minute on load making it by far the most powerful 3/8 inch air powered ratchet driver on the market.

5 Facts on the Ingersoll-Rand Hammerhead Impactool

  • Air powered tool delivering 2,100 impact per minute
  • Weight: 3.5lbs, Size: 13.7in
  • Feather-touch trigger offers maximum control
  • Head span of 2in. and safe to use in tight spaces
  • Large power/weight output

The Hammerhead Conclusion

The Ingersoll Rand Hammerhead Impactool is a high end product from the range of 3/8 inch hose ratchet and the prize also reflects that. The product delivers amazing power from a tool that is so small and is therefore a great addition to all tool boxes. This tool is more suited to those that require high power in small spaces such as auto mechanics and plumbers. Offering over double the torque of other ratchets of the same size puts the Ingersoll-Rand Hammerhead Impactool at the top of the 3/8 inch air hose list for overall performance and usability.

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Porter-Cable PT382 3/8-Inch Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Porter-Cable PT382 Summary

Changing speeds like a champ

Porter-Cable PT382 Product Description

Porter-Cable PT382 is 3/8-Inch Pneumatic Impact Wrench with very attractive price and features. This wrench is capable of producing 125 ft./lbs. of torque at 90 PSI. Its variable speed trigger allows you to work more precisely, and it is really useful in tightening 1/4″ bolts. The change between forward and reversible is available through a one touch forward/reverse switch. The wrench`s durability is on a good level, thanks to its pin clutch mechanism. The tool is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Porter-Cable PT382 Features

  • Attractive price
  • 125 ft./lbs. of torque at 90 PSI
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Easy accessible forward/reverse switch

The Consensus on the Porter-Cable PT382

Porter-Cable PT382 is suitable for light usage, and it will help you in occasional engine repairs or similar activities. The torque is enough for most of the possible tasks and the wrench will do the job. It could replace your hand tools and speed up your work. This wrench comes at a good price with enough features for your weekend projects and it is a great choice for all hobbyists.

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