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Cordless Impact Driver Reviews

Looking for a cordless electric driver? Which one is right for you?

Without doubt, the most exciting category of wrench driver at the moment are those that are powered from electric motors with out the need for cords and cables. The huge recent advancements in battery technology has meant that the cordless driver that used to be a tool that was laughed at, is now starting to be taken seriously by professionals in the construction and auto-mechanic industry.

For the users, this is great news. Cordless electric drivers require almost zero set up time and the lack of a cable or air pressure hose mean that they can be used anywhere and everywhere. The cordless models are currently slightly down on power than electric drivers that have a cord plugged into the mains however, they have reached a maximum torque output that is more than capable of performing most jobs that you throw at them.

We will now reveal the three best tools for different user requirements.

The Best for Daily Use

There is competition for the best daily use model between the Makita 253 and the Milwaukee 0779-22 of which both tools are similarly specified. The Makita is a 3/8 inch socket connection whilst the Milwaukee is a 1/2 inch tool that costs 20% more. We advise that unless you specifically require a 1/2 inch tool, you will be better off all around with the Makita 253.

The Best Budget Model

The best budget model goes to the DeWalt DC821KA which is priced at a competitive $248. The DeWalt does not lack in power for the money savings and will be able to get the job done performing as well as the more expensive tools in the market. The high quality of DeWalt’s manufacturing will ensure that it is worksite toughened and ready for action.

The Best for Light Use

The best cordless driver for light use is the Bosch 22612. It has a low power output in terms of maximum torque, however, what it lacks in power it makes up for in absolute head speed where this tool runs away with the fastest title. It is good for low impact jobs and therefore puts it in the category of light use.

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The light-use Bosch 22612 Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

Bosch BOS22612 Summary

A great product for professional electricians and those that enjoy home improvement work

Product Description

The Bosch 22612 is the cheapest cordless electric driver in the range and a price that is a third of some of the others. The connector is a half inch socket allowing for larger connections to be applied. The 22612 is the lowest power electric cordless driver in the range by it does not lack at all in head speed. The maximum torque produced is 84 foot-pounds whilst the head speed is a massive 2,800 RPM. This makes is excellent at low power jobs that are required quickly.

The Bosch motor is power with a 12-volt battery and finds its best applications around the house performing tasks like construction wooden frames furniture and work in the car. The 22612 features an innovative hammer-and-anvil system that maximises the impacts that can be achieved in hammer mode. The number of impacts that can be delivered per minute is 3,200. The handle shaft is manufactured from a soft-grip material that absorbs impact and reduces fatigue for extended jobs.

The high-performance motor with an all-metal gears spins the chuck fast to bust loose rusted lug nuts or fretted bolts. The 22612 weighs in at just 3.7 pounds and measuring just 6.5 inches in length allowing for single hand operation and tight space working conditions. Maintenance of the Bosch is also made easy as it has externally accessible brushes that lead to easy brush replacement. There is a multiple-position swivel LED light that is great for illuminating the work area for increase ease of driving in low light like attics and basements.

Bosch BOS22612 Specifications

  • Variable fats headspeed 0- 2,800 rpm
  • 84 Foot-Pounds of torque
  • 3,200 bpm impact rate
  • 30-minute charger with indicator display
  • Aluminum gear housing; rubber front; thermal sensor in battery for 50-Percent more life
  • Includes two 2 amp-hour batteries with a 30-minute charge time
  • Weighs 3.7-Pound with battery and stands 6-1/2-Inch in length

The Consensus of the 22612 by Bosch

The Bosch 22612 is a great piece of equipment for light and domestic users. It is good for those in industries where they would not normally use such tools but on occasion could make use of a high speed driver such as electricians. It is the best electric cordless that has a 1/2 inch connector and is designed for light use.

It has been given high reviews from users that mention that they have been able to perform high power jobs such as changing car tyres on the road side. This also makes the 22612 a great product for leaving in the car for emergencies. Although the 22612 is down on power when compared directly with others in its category, the price is extremely low and attractive and tool is built to a high durability.

If you would prefer to own a tool that has a 3/8 inch socket head, the Makita WT01W is the perfect tool for the job. Like the Bosch, it is low priced but performs well for the money.

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Meet the DEWALT DC821KA Electric Impact Wrench

DEWALT DC821KA Summary

it may be yellow but it can pack a mean punch

Product Description

The DeWalt DC821KA is a middle range electric driver tool that offers good mid range performance for the is price. It is a great addition to the budding do it yourself home domestic user and the light industrial user. The head speed range is a massively impressive 0 – 2,100 RPM delivering maximum power at all speeds. The DC821KA can deliver up to 3,000 impacts per minute in hammer mode meaning that in drilling mode you shall not come across problems that DC821KA can’t deal with.

The DeWalt is a good tool for a whole range of project from big deck building project to working with plumbing or electrical fixtures. This product is also built to a high quality that ensures it will be reliable and durable. The heavy-duty DeWalt will therefore make your job easier and quicker. It is also a lightweight device that is easy to handle. The DC821KA is built with a convenient, variable-speed reversing switch and an electric brake allowing for better control allowing control in a wide variety of situations. The transmission mechanism is made from sturdy metal and the DeWalt-built motor including replaceable brushes make for east maintenance ensuring a long tool life. The XRP extended-run battery technology will also mean that a dead battery never brings your work to a standstill.

Deatails about the DEWALT DC821KA

  • Heavy-duty DEWALT-built motor provides long life
  • High head speed of up to 2,100 rpm
  • Durable all-metal gear case and transmission provide jobsite-ready durability
  • 160 ft-lbs of max torque provides plenty of power
  • variable speed trigger and electric brake provide extreme control
  • Textured anti-slip comfort grip provides maximum comfort and control

Our Recommendation on the DC821KA

This tool is a middle of the range tool but will definitely not look out of place on a construction where heavy duty tools are required and used daily. The metal transmission mechanisms mean that the tool will have the reliability that any construction worker looks for in a product. It is the best budget tool in the 1/2 inch connector range. The price is a snip at $250 and should definitely be considered when looking for a high performing 1/2 inch.

Another 1/2 inch connector cordless electric tool is the Milwaukee 2663-22 which packs almost double the torque of the DeWalt. However, this model lacks in features and has a hefty price tag. The Bosch 22612 is another 1/2 inch cordless electric tool that is the best cordless for light use.

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Reviewing the Milwaukee 2663-22 Cordless Wrench with Friction Ring

List Price: $379.00 USD
New From: $362.11 In Stock
Used from: $229.95 In Stock

Milwaukee MLW2663-22 Summary

Pound for foot-pound of torque the best in the cordless

Product summary

The Milwaukee 2663-22 deliver pound for foot-pound the highest torque available in an electric cordless device for the money it costs. It delivers a massive 450 foot-pounds of torque which is enough to comfortably see you through any job where you require a high power yet portable machine. This tool is so powerful that it even beats some of the air powered devices which are traditionally thought to be unbeatable in terms of power.

The 2663-22 is ideal for mechanical, automotive, and industrial jobs. It is powered by the Milwaukee M18, 18-Volt lithium-ion battery which is able to spin the head at just below 2,000 RPM. The connector plug is a 1/2-Inch. Milwaukee have also installed an innovative friction ring that provides industry-leading power in a small size. The weight of the 2663-22 is 6.7 pounds and it stands 9 inches tool making is a middle size cordless tool but also gives it excellent power to weight ratio. It’s practical for use for a range of applications from tightening and loosening nuts and bolts to completing general construction and maintenance jobs.

Milwaukee MLW2663-22 Specifications

  • Milwaukee-designed impact mechanism
  • Most powerful cordless electric delivering 450 foot-pounds of torque
  • Compact size and weight reduces user fatigue
  • Overload protection prevents damage to the tool and battery in abusive situations
  • Friction ring allows quick, easy socket changes to increase productivity

The Conclusion for the Milwaukee 2663-22

There is no doubt that this tool can cut the mustard in the cordless electric market. It is certainly the most powerful tool available that requires no wires or air compressor connection. The head speed is also fast and the body of the tool is fairly light and small in stature. It has been proven in automobile garages to have enough power to easily remove wheels without requiring the operator to lug around a huge great big air compressor tool.

The Lithium-Ion battery is at the cutting edge of electrical storage and battery technology and will ensure that it lasts the distance. Converting from your old cordless to this is an easy step to make as you will instantly benefit from added power and torque.

The features of the MW2663-22 are however limited when compared against the big brother in the Milwaukee range. The 0779-22 is a tool that offer less torque but greater features and functionality including a more durable drive system.

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Milwaukee’s big brother – the 0779-22 Cordless Wrench

Milwaukee 077922 Summary

the big boy cordless that packs a mean punch

Product Description

The Milwaukee 0779-22 is a 1/2 inch impact wrench that delivers the goods in terms of power output. The maximum torque that this thing is capable of is 325 foot-pound which makes it the most powerful cordless electric driver available. This is achieved by using a massive 28V Lithium-Ion battery which is revolutionary in a tool of this type

Milwaukee manage to combine high torque with a head speed of 1,450 rpm and an impressive 2,450 impacts per minute which can make any job take no longer than a matter of seconds. The 28V battery also has the guts to run all day on a single charge increasing run time and making perfect for long days on the construction site. The 1/2 inch connection allows it to drill bigger holes and remove larger nuts. The powerful Milwaukee 28V motor makes breaking loose ‘stuck’ nuts a breeze.

The tool is also extremely heavy-duty and hard wearing thanks to the mechanism being made from hardened magnesium. The handle and externals are covered with comfortable non-slip, soft-grip material that reduces vibration to the operator and fatigue. The drive control system incorporates a forward/reverse shuttle which is conveniently located above the variable speed switch for fast, easy access. The tool weighs in at one of the heaviest in its class at 9 pounds and stands tall at just over 12 inches.

The Features of the Milwaukee 0779-22

  • Revolutionary 28 Volt Lithium-Ion Technology
  • 325 foot-pounds of maximum torque
  • Fast head speed of 1,450 rpm and delivers 2,450 blows per minute
  • Heavy-duty durability designed for hard wear
  • Ergonomic design with soft-grip non-slip handle

Our Conclusion on the Milwaukee 0779-22

This tool is a heaven sent miracle to those construction workers that require a heavy duty yet portable impact wrench driver. Being able to deliver 325 foot-pounds of torque doesn’t just happen by accident. The engineering that has gone into developing the 0779-22 is remarkable. This tool has the power to out drive any other cordless driver ensuring that you don’t become a cropper to costly delays.

Not only is the Milwaukee 0779-22 the most powerful in the range, it is the most pricey. It does however weigh in as the best 1/2 inch cordless torque wrench that is available and as such certain has its applications in the construction industry.

If you love the Milwaukee 0779-22 but simply cannot stomach the price tag, check out the DeWalt DC821KA. It costs $150 less than the Milwaukee and is a worthy advisory in the cordless market.

New From: $500.00 In Stock
Used from: $449.97 In Stock

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Makita WT01W Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench

Makita MAKWT01W Summary

Makita quality with a budget price tag

Product Description

The Makita designed and built WTo1W is the baby brother in the Makita cordless electric driver tool range. It is built to the same high quality standards that we have come to expect from Makita. The power source is a single 12 volt lithium-ion battery which is the best type of battery around currently. This battery can produce a torque of 74 foot-pounds in this product. This power is achieved at a maxmimum head speed of 2,400 RPM and whilst delivering 3,200 Impacts per minute.

The WT01W is one of the lightest electric drivers in its class at a weight of just 2.2 pounds. It also include Makita’s handy LED work area illuminator which allows for the tool to be used tight spaces whilst giving full sight of what the operator is doing.

Makita MAKWT01W Specifications

  • 74 foot-pounds of Maximum Torque in an ultra compact size
  • Variable speed of 0 – 2,300 RPM for a wide range of fastening applications
  • Ultra compact design at only 6-3/8″ long
  • Weighs only 2.1 lbs. for reduced operator fatigue
  • Built-in L.E.D. light illuminates the work area
  • Makita built with the highest quality steel and heat hardened to last longer

The General Consensus on the Makita WT01W

This product should be judge on its price range and class. It will not change the world and is not an all rounder for every day use. It will however be extremely reliable and get most jobs done with limited fuss or hassle. The 74 foot-pounds of torque is not massive but enough for most drilling and screwing jobs around the house the connection is a 3/4 inch male socket so will fit on to existing attachments.

If you are looking for a good all round tool that will be capable of delivering that little bit extra, the big brother is the one to go for. Makita’s BTW253 will deliver double the torque of the WT01W.

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Makita BTW253 Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench

Makita BTW253 Summary

the cordless electric driver that will not let you down

Product Description

Makita make a good range of electric driver tools. The BTW235 is the jewel in the Makita crown. It has the highest price tag which may deter some straight away but this tool does live up to the price tag and fully justifies itself with its high performance. The power to driver the motor is delivered from two Lithium-Ion 18 volt battery which is capable of driving the electric motor to a huge 154 foot-pounds of torque. This may seem low but for a tool that can be picked up and used absolutely anywhere without the requirement for air compressors or cables, it is astonishing.

The compact motor provides 2,100 RPM and 3,200 IPM for the added muscle required to pull through all tough jobs. The device includes a built in LED light for increased job site visibility. The body of the tool is a compact and lightweight design. The hanfle has been designed to a high ergonomic standard that reduced operator fatigue during use.

The Lithium-Ion battery optimum charging system produces 430 percent total lifetime on a single charge which ensures that iyou will not be left with a half finished job. Our Makita have taken this tool to large construction tests and applied shock tests to ensure that it meets durability requirements. The BTW253 weighs just 3.4 pounds and is small enough to fit into any tool box easily.

Makita BTW253 Key Details

  • 4-pole variable speed motor provides superior fastening power
  • 155 foot-pounds of Max Torque
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Built-in LED to illuminates work area
  • Lithium-Ion battery and Energy Star rated
  • 30-Minute Rapid Optimum Charger

The Overall Recommendation on the BTW253

This is an absolutely amazing product. It is by far and away the best product available for those looking to own an electric powered cordless tool. The power output and functional features are incredible for a tool of this size. The Lithium-Ion battery ensures that you will not be caught short.

The bodywork and design of the machine have all been done with you the user in mind. The soft grip handle works hard to dampen the effects of recoil being induced into the hand and wrists of the operator. It is a durable and reliable product that is great for heavy and everyday users.

The only limiting factor for this product is the price as almost $350. The Makita WT01W is the best budget cordless electric driver from the same manufacturer at less than half the price.

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