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The best Air Powered Wrenches in a ratchet form

The most common place to see air powered torque wrenches are in garages and manufacturing/construction sites. These are typically places that are rather constrained in terms of the space that they have to operate in. For example, an auto mechanic will often spend a lot of his time with his head in the engine department of a vehicle.

They will therefore need the right tools for the job and to choose the right tool, there first consideration has to be the space and area that the user had to work in. Air Powered torque wrenches that are in the form of a conventional ratchet allow for those in these industries to have the right size and shape tool for the job. They also have the huge added advantage of being powered from air which arguably makes the usability of air powered torque wrenches shaped like ratchets the best shape and easiest

The Best for Daily Use

The ultimate air powered torque wrench for those that will make full use of the power, the Ingersoll-Rand 109 is the man for the job. Being an Ingersoll-Rand, you will not be let down on the build quality or through reliability issues. It is also the highest performing in this range but is also the most pricey.

The Best Budget Model

For those looking for an air powered torque wrench on a budget, the CP866 is the one that you want. It is made by Chicago which is another bog name in the air powered tools market and is also a well known brand for reliable products. It comes for around half the price of the IR109 but lacks around a quarter in power output when head to head.

The Best Model for Light Use

The best torque wrench in the form of a ratchet that is intended for light use is incredibly made by Ingersoll-Rand. The PF700 is truly a great product for the price. Although it comes with a lower product specification than some of the others in the range, the Power Factor 700 is definitely the best quality of product per dollar!

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This is the Campbell Hausfeld TL1017 Butterfly Impact Wrench

Campbell Hausfeld TL1017 Summary

meet the strange looking but powerful and cheap TL1017

Product Description

The Campbell Hausfeld Butterfly Impact Wrench is most definitely the strangest looking of the impact torque wrenches in the field of ratchet formation but this means nothing in the tool world. What does matter is the 75 lbs/ft of torque that is produced from this beast. Nuts and bolts have no chance of staying on with this kind of power that is delivered in impacts 800 times a minute. This kind of power will ensure that no bolt will hold up your job and cause costly delays which are a huge irritant for busy workmen and women.

The Campbell Hausfeld TL1017 is a butterfly impact torque wrench and prices in at possibly the lowest price that you will find an air powered wrench for anywhere. It also drops in as the lightest product in the category of wrench in the form of a ratchet weighing just 2 lbs. This is great for those looking for a high torque yet lightweight device.

Campbell Hausfeld TL-1017 – The Specifications

  • Excellent choice for small fastener work in engine and body repairs
  • 75 lbs/ft of operating torque
  • 800 impacts per minute
  • Swivel air inlet connection

The Recommendations about this tool

The Campbell Hausfield TL1017 is probably has its best use for loosening spark plugs and tyre lugs rather than heavy duty and constant use on construction sites and loosening extremely tight bolts and nuts. The tool spins at one of the fastest for one of this type but Campbell Hausfield does not have the reputation for being a durable manufacturer of air powered tools as some of the other manufacturers do have.

The TL1017 does however make it easier and cheaper when an air compressor is needed. The air consumption of 2.4 scfm at a pressure of 90 psi is very low and therefore requires a small compressor saving your hard earned dollars.

The Ingersoll-Rand PF700 is a better all round product for a similar price but with a low maximum torque rating so we recommend that you spend the extra $30 and get the JSM-401.

List Price: $44.86 USD
New From: $44.86 In Stock

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The Jet JSM-401 Impact Wrench with Butterfly Grip

Jet JSM-401 Summary

may not have be as durable as others but will have the umphhh to do the job

Product Description

The Jet JSM 401 has been described in the product literature are as a great addition to the tool box implying that the model is designed for home and domestic use only. However, looking at the product specification, the JSM 401 is capable of spinning at 10,000 rpm with no load. The maximum torque output during operation is 75 lbs/ft which puts it amongst the most powerful in the category of ratchet like torque wrenches.

The body is made from toughened aluminium making it only semi-tough and therefore not as durable as some of the more expensive models that are made from much tougher materials. There is also a built in regulator that will control the air flow through the tools internal mechanisms. The air hose connection is 3/8 inch with an inlet of 1/4 inch. The pressure require for operation is 90 psi.

Features such as front and rear bumper guards are good features for a low cost tool to have and increase the attractiveness of this product. The control system also has ring socket retainers installed which enables the user to rapidly switch sockets in and out increasing the productivity. The tool also consumes just 3 cubic foot of air per metre which allows the tool to be used with smaller compressors.

The Jet JSM-401 Details

  • 75- lbs/ft of torque
  • Capable of heavy-duty fastening and unfastening
  • Built-in air regulator for positive speed and torque control
  • Air consumption just 3 CFM
  • Designed for maximum comfort when operating
  • Butterfly control for easy direction changes

Judging the Jet JSM-401

The Jet JSM is a designed to be a middle range torque wrench in the shape and formation of a ratchet. The price of the JSM 401 is relatively high for a product of its nature. The body work also looks faily simple and capable of an easy failure should it take a big knock.

However, the JSM 401 can operate to full capability of 75 lbs/ft of torque which proves that it has muscle to get the job done. Something that us amazing is that the JSM 401 can work on full power and torque with an air consumption of just 3 cfm. This is a huge advantage as it allows the owners and operators to purchase smaller air compressors.

We recommend that this product only be bought for light use and not used for heavy duty or daily use. The Chicago CP886 is a better product for those requiring a tougher and more durable tool although it is down on power. A tool with similar specification but around half the price is the Campbell TL1017.

List Price: $100.00 USD
New From: $100.00 In Stock

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Power Force by Ingersoll Rand – The PF700 Air Ratchet Wrench

Ingersoll-Rand PF700 Summary

It’s a lightweight Ingersoll-Rand product

Product Description

The Ingersoll-Rand PF700 is the cheapest of the air torque wrenches and the cheapest product sold by the brand. This is therefore a budget IR product but puts it in the same price bracket as other brands of air ratchet wrenches. For Ingersoll-Rand to release a product at such a low price shows that the company have ambitions to con

The Specification for the Ingersoll-Rand PF700

  • Maximum Torque – 55 lbs/ft
  • No load Speed – 160 RPM
  • Lightweight at just – 2.6 lbs
  • Air consumption of 4 SCFM

Our Perception of the Power Force

This product is for those that want to purchase a tool with the big brand name but pay the price of a corner street tool. It is amazing to see an Ingersoll-Rand product on the open market for just $39.

The PF700 s hugely down on torque and power compared to other in the class but Ingersoll-Rand would certainly not risk selling a product that could potentially damage their reputation by making it weak and un-reliable. Based on this fact, you can be almost certain that the PF700 will be a great tool and will not let you down when you need it.

If you are not bothered about the brand name, the TL1017 is a tool with a lot more umph for the same price.

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Meet the Chicago Pneumatic CP886 Standard-Duty Air Ratchet

CP (Chicago Pneumatic) CPT886 Summary

Great budget tool for small garages and high domestic use

Product Description

The Chicago Pneumatic CP886 is a middle of the range product that sits in the torque wrench category of being in the formation of a ratchet. This means that the ergonomic design of it will be very similar to all of the others in the range by Chicago are known for there increased detail to the end user and the ability to operate the tool.

The compact head design is perfect for working in tight spaces inside car engines or on small constructions sites where large tools are simply not possible. The CP886 the lightest air powered torque wrench that takes the shape of a ratchet. It weighs just 2.2 lbs which makes for increased flexibility and enables the tool to be uses with a single hand which is important when working in small compartments. The length of the tool is just of 10 inches which is the average length for a wrench of this type.

The speed of the Chicago CP886 is not as fast as others in the market at 160 rpm but this will only marginly slow your job down. The wrench delivers an operation torque of 50 lbs/ft which is relatively low for a tool of this type but will be enough to loosen the majority of tricky bolts and nuts. The air consumption is 4 CFM and the hose pipe connection required is a 3/8 inch.

Chicago Pneumatic’s CPT886 Features

  • Compact head design
  • More flexibility in tight spaces
  • Proven durability
  • Lightweight: 2.25 lbs. (1.1 kg.)
  • Length: 10-Inch (257mm)
  • Beautiful ergonomic handheld design

The Consensus on the Corageous CP886

The Chicago delivers a low power and torque output in comparison to some of its rivals in the air powered torque wrench ratchet sector of the tool market. However, the price of this tool is incredible in comparison. Chicago are a good brand name with a proven history of reliable products. All this works out to you being able to pick up a reliable tool for a small price.

Many auto mechanics rely on this tool daily to get their work done. Here at trusted tool advisor, we would say that this is the best of the budget market for air powered torque wrenches that take the form of a ratchet. Its low power, torque and head speed limit the uses of this tool in the auto garage environment and should therefore only be considered for budget garages.

For a high power and extremely durable tool, check out the IR 109XPA.

List Price: $129.00 USD
New From: $65.09 In Stock
Release date November 14, 2007.
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The brilliant and durable Ingersoll-Rand 109XPA Air Ratchet Wrench

Ingersoll-Rand IRT109XP Summary

The wrench in a ratchet form that you want

Product Description

Ingersoll-Rand dominate the majority of the auto mechanic tool market in all classes of torque wrench size, power and air connection size. The 109XPA is a wrench that is shaped in the form of a ratchet for ease of use and there for fits into a separate category of torque wrenches. The Ingersoll-Rand 109XPA is the leader in this category.

The wrench itself is very clever. The mechanisms have an optimised gear ratio configured to optimise the airflow through the tool. This gives the user an increased performance output from the tool and can make all job simple. The power in torque that is produced is 70 lbs/ft which is the highest torque produced in any wrench of this similar formation and type. This torque is also delivered at an operational speed of 300 rpm making it one of the fastest torque wrench in a ratchet form on the market.

The tool itself is built to the now well known Ingersoll-Rand quality and is therefore extremely durable. The tool will be able to take a few bangs and still operate making it perfect for a busy garage environment. The tool suffers from the durability in weight and scales in at just 3.5 lbs putting the 109XPA amongst the heaviest in its class. Lying at 10 inches it sits in the middle of the category for the length. The control system allows for a variable speed in both forward and reverse direction allowing easy loosening and fastening of bolts and fittings.

Listing the Ingersoll-Rand IRT109XP Features

  • 76 ft/lbs. maximum torque
  • IR Twin Pawl Plus head design for exceptional durability
  • Amazingly durable
  • 360 adjustable exhaust directs air away
  • Easy to push throttle and variable speed drive
  • Sturdy and high power at 300 rpm

Whats the Consensus on the 109 XP?

The 109XPA from Ingersoll-Rand is the brands leading product in the market for torque wrenches that have the formation of a ratchet. This inevitably means that it comes with the highest price tag but also means that it will deliver the quality expected from all Ingersoll-Rand products. The drive system is extremely clever and allows for full use of the high torque that the 109XPA is capable of delivering. The durability of the tool housing and mechanism will ensure that this tool will last for multiple years before failing and it is extremely rare to hear of an Ingersoll-Rand product breaking.

This product comes highly recommended from auto mechanics that use air powered tools on a daily basis in auto garages. The durability and power ensure that the mechanics are not caught short when they need a reliable tool. Therefore, we also strongly recommend this tool for auto mechanics and by those in professions that require the use of a high quality torque wrench on a daily basis.

For those looking for a high quality and reliable product witout paying the high prices for an Ingersoll-Rand, check out this product Chicago CP886.

List Price: $112.86 USD
New From: $112.86 In Stock

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