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OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6 Plus Case

The OtterBox Defender is and always has been the gold standard for contractors.

It’s bulletproof. Well, not really “bullet” proof, but about as close as you’ll get for your fragile iPhone.

It INCLUDES the screen protection, so you don’t have to drop another $15 to get that separately.

It INCLUDES a belt holster so you keep it with you while working.

Its just big bulky and ugly. But so what, your phone is a tool, and your first goal is for your tools to work and to last. Hey, at least they added some color options, so stop whining about ugly, man up, and protect your phone.

Yeah sure its $30 to $40…. but if you want your $600 iPhone to at least survive two years until your next contract upgrade, it’s money well spent.

List Price: $32.49 USD
New From: $32.49 In Stock
Used from: $21.99 In Stock

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Armorbox Dual Layer Rugged Impact Resistant Case

Armorbox is making an attractive, impact resistant case that looks sexy (in that masculine diamond plate kinda way) and comes in various colors.

It’s a good alternative to an OtterBox however, they currently only support iPhone 6 and not iPhone 6 plus, they don’t have the belt holster, and it doesn’t include the screen protection.

If you don’t need the belt holster, if your iPhone 6 is not the plus, and if you don’t mind buying the gorilla glass screen protector separately, it does offer a great alternative to the same old OtterBox every one else be rockin’.

List Price: $12.97 USD
New From: $12.97 In Stock

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Spigen Ultra-Thin iPhone 6 Plus Case

If all you need is scratch protection and maybe a little extra grippiness so the phone doesn’t squirt out of your hand while you’re using it, then the Spigen Ultra Thin is the way to go.

It’s really just a second skin for the shell of the phone, preventing the scratching and denting of normal wear and tear. Sure it offer a little protection against drops… 0.4mm of little protection.

Be sure to get a gorilla glass screen protector and you’re all set. Just don’t drop your phone of any ladders.

New From: $80.83 In Stock

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Spigen Logo Shield iPhone 6 Plus Case Slim SGP10889

The Spigen case is very attractive, and the bezel height works well with a gorilla glass screen protector.

IT departments like the Spigen cases and tend to recommend them. They combine an elegant look with moderate to decent protection so are suitable for executives down to “normal employees” like you and me. I don’t think the suits are going to smash their phone in the back of the limo, but me? I’ll probably scratch it up trying to carry too much junk from the truck in one trip.

Not much in terms of impact protection on the corners and ends. Good for pocket use, more aimed for falling off the couch reaching for a beer than for someone likely to be fumbling with the phone on a ladder.

They are thin enough to feel nice in your hand, and grippy enough to stop the phone from squirting out of your hand while trying to type. They come in all colors, and you can get the “logo cutout” too. God knows you paid extra for an Apple, you may as well show it off like your DeWALT saw or Milwaukee hammer drill.

Unless you need mega protection *cough*otterbox*cough* the spigen will serve you well.

(PS – Don’t forget to get a gorilla glass screen protector too)

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UMECORE Premium Shockproof Hybrid Clear Soft Case for iPhone

This one has a nice clear back, and the bezel comes in colors that look good longer than a soft edge case. however it offers less impact protection than a soft edged case.

Cost effective so can be replaced when it gets filthy.

If you work indoors, and set your phone someplace while working, this should serve you well. If you work on ladders, or keep your phone in your pocket while working, you probably need more protection.

If you want the ultimate protection, get the gold standard otterbox. Other wise, this will work well

Be sure to get the gorilla glass screen protector too.

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Griffin Reveal Clear Protective Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Low price. Decent protection. Back is hard and clear and sturdy. Bezel is thick enough to provide protection again drops.

Make sure you also get a gorilla class screen protector.

White bezel gets filthy… not a good color choice if you do real work, but the black one stays nicer. Clear back will get scratched up and filthy… but if you’re getting the clear back it’s because you want to see the phone, and are willing to replace the (cheap) case every so often. It not, just get the black otter box contractor case.

Also available in black and for iPhone 6.

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iCarez iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Anti-Scratch Screen Protector

List Price: $29.99 USD
New From: $7.95 In Stock
Used from: $1.96 In Stock

Ok guys, you know the deal… your phone will get scratched.

Keys, screws, tools, and other miscellaneous crap that finds it’s way into your pockets while you work will guaranteed scratch the hell out of your phone.

In 2005 with your flip phone it just added character. But now with your flat smart phone it just adds aggravation! It’s the smart phone version of death by a thousand small cuts.

So just get one of these. Install it properly (clean, no I mean REALLY clean, the phone first). And replace it when it gets scratched up enough to drive you nuts.

Bada bing bada bang bada boom done!

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