Senco PC1010 1HP 1-Gallon Compressor

Senco PC1010 Summary

Workers love the slow recovery times and extra breaks this compressor afford them

Product Description

The Senco PC1010 is probably one of the most portable and well designed mobile air compressors on the market but simply doesn’t have the air storage capacity or pressure output for anything but light trim guns or low volume work. Great for hobbyists, and finish work but of no value for most work on the job site or garage such as framing, grinding, etc. If Senco comes out with a big brother to this compressor with the same design but a slightly larger tank (even with the same compressor) it’ll be a good buy even at a higher price. But skip this one unless you only use your compressor for mobile jobs that require light-duty tools.

2015 follow up

This Senco actually fits one specific need: Easy to carry, lightweight, and can drive a trim gun. The DeWALT is an awkward shape for schlepping up and down stairs and the Makita MAC700 is over 50 lbs. So if you ONLY need a trim gun, and you need it on the run, this might be the one.

Senco PC1010 Features

  • great handle design makes carrying a cinch
  • 1HP compressor pump
  • 1-year warranty
  • small horizontal tank
  • rubber feet won’t mar your floors
  • virtual noiseless


Unless you only do light finishing work you should definitely buy something with a larger tank and higher pressure rating. It’s truly a shame that Senco couldn’t pack more power and air storage capacity into an otherwise superbly designed compressor. Unless you’re buying a secondary compressor for light work on the go pass on this one and wait for them to come out with a larger version of this one. Instead give the Senco PC1131 a shot.

List Price: $149.00 USD
New From: $116.08 In Stock
Used from: $106.88 In Stock

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