Spigen Logo Shield iPhone 6 Plus Case Slim SGP10889

The Spigen case is very attractive, and the bezel height works well with a gorilla glass screen protector.

IT departments like the Spigen cases and tend to recommend them. They combine an elegant look with moderate to decent protection so are suitable for executives down to “normal employees” like you and me. I don’t think the suits are going to smash their phone in the back of the limo, but me? I’ll probably scratch it up trying to carry too much junk from the truck in one trip.

Not much in terms of impact protection on the corners and ends. Good for pocket use, more aimed for falling off the couch reaching for a beer than for someone likely to be fumbling with the phone on a ladder.

They are thin enough to feel nice in your hand, and grippy enough to stop the phone from squirting out of your hand while trying to type. They come in all colors, and you can get the “logo cutout” too. God knows you paid extra for an Apple, you may as well show it off like your DeWALT saw or Milwaukee hammer drill.

Unless you need mega protection *cough*otterbox*cough* the spigen will serve you well.

(PS – Don’t forget to get a gorilla glass screen protector too)

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