The best Air Powered Wrenches in a ratchet form

The most common place to see air powered torque wrenches are in garages and manufacturing/construction sites. These are typically places that are rather constrained in terms of the space that they have to operate in. For example, an auto mechanic will often spend a lot of his time with his head in the engine department of a vehicle.

They will therefore need the right tools for the job and to choose the right tool, there first consideration has to be the space and area that the user had to work in. Air Powered torque wrenches that are in the form of a conventional ratchet allow for those in these industries to have the right size and shape tool for the job. They also have the huge added advantage of being powered from air which arguably makes the usability of air powered torque wrenches shaped like ratchets the best shape and easiest

The Best for Daily Use

The ultimate air powered torque wrench for those that will make full use of the power, the Ingersoll-Rand 109 is the man for the job. Being an Ingersoll-Rand, you will not be let down on the build quality or through reliability issues. It is also the highest performing in this range but is also the most pricey.

The Best Budget Model

For those looking for an air powered torque wrench on a budget, the CP866 is the one that you want. It is made by Chicago which is another bog name in the air powered tools market and is also a well known brand for reliable products. It comes for around half the price of the IR109 but lacks around a quarter in power output when head to head.

The Best Model for Light Use

The best torque wrench in the form of a ratchet that is intended for light use is incredibly made by Ingersoll-Rand. The PF700 is truly a great product for the price. Although it comes with a lower product specification than some of the others in the range, the Power Factor 700 is definitely the best quality of product per dollar!

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