The Jet JSM-401 Impact Wrench with Butterfly Grip

Jet JSM-401 Summary

may not have be as durable as others but will have the umphhh to do the job

Product Description

The Jet JSM 401 has been described in the product literature are as a great addition to the tool box implying that the model is designed for home and domestic use only. However, looking at the product specification, the JSM 401 is capable of spinning at 10,000 rpm with no load. The maximum torque output during operation is 75 lbs/ft which puts it amongst the most powerful in the category of ratchet like torque wrenches.

The body is made from toughened aluminium making it only semi-tough and therefore not as durable as some of the more expensive models that are made from much tougher materials. There is also a built in regulator that will control the air flow through the tools internal mechanisms. The air hose connection is 3/8 inch with an inlet of 1/4 inch. The pressure require for operation is 90 psi.

Features such as front and rear bumper guards are good features for a low cost tool to have and increase the attractiveness of this product. The control system also has ring socket retainers installed which enables the user to rapidly switch sockets in and out increasing the productivity. The tool also consumes just 3 cubic foot of air per metre which allows the tool to be used with smaller compressors.

The Jet JSM-401 Details

  • 75- lbs/ft of torque
  • Capable of heavy-duty fastening and unfastening
  • Built-in air regulator for positive speed and torque control
  • Air consumption just 3 CFM
  • Designed for maximum comfort when operating
  • Butterfly control for easy direction changes

Judging the Jet JSM-401

The Jet JSM is a designed to be a middle range torque wrench in the shape and formation of a ratchet. The price of the JSM 401 is relatively high for a product of its nature. The body work also looks faily simple and capable of an easy failure should it take a big knock.

However, the JSM 401 can operate to full capability of 75 lbs/ft of torque which proves that it has muscle to get the job done. Something that us amazing is that the JSM 401 can work on full power and torque with an air consumption of just 3 cfm. This is a huge advantage as it allows the owners and operators to purchase smaller air compressors.

We recommend that this product only be bought for light use and not used for heavy duty or daily use. The Chicago CP886 is a better product for those requiring a tougher and more durable tool although it is down on power. A tool with similar specification but around half the price is the Campbell TL1017.

List Price: $100.00 USD
New From: $100.00 In Stock

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