The light-use Bosch 22612 Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

Bosch BOS22612 Summary

A great product for professional electricians and those that enjoy home improvement work

Product Description

The Bosch 22612 is the cheapest cordless electric driver in the range and a price that is a third of some of the others. The connector is a half inch socket allowing for larger connections to be applied. The 22612 is the lowest power electric cordless driver in the range by it does not lack at all in head speed. The maximum torque produced is 84 foot-pounds whilst the head speed is a massive 2,800 RPM. This makes is excellent at low power jobs that are required quickly.

The Bosch motor is power with a 12-volt battery and finds its best applications around the house performing tasks like construction wooden frames furniture and work in the car. The 22612 features an innovative hammer-and-anvil system that maximises the impacts that can be achieved in hammer mode. The number of impacts that can be delivered per minute is 3,200. The handle shaft is manufactured from a soft-grip material that absorbs impact and reduces fatigue for extended jobs.

The high-performance motor with an all-metal gears spins the chuck fast to bust loose rusted lug nuts or fretted bolts. The 22612 weighs in at just 3.7 pounds and measuring just 6.5 inches in length allowing for single hand operation and tight space working conditions. Maintenance of the Bosch is also made easy as it has externally accessible brushes that lead to easy brush replacement. There is a multiple-position swivel LED light that is great for illuminating the work area for increase ease of driving in low light like attics and basements.

Bosch BOS22612 Specifications

  • Variable fats headspeed 0- 2,800 rpm
  • 84 Foot-Pounds of torque
  • 3,200 bpm impact rate
  • 30-minute charger with indicator display
  • Aluminum gear housing; rubber front; thermal sensor in battery for 50-Percent more life
  • Includes two 2 amp-hour batteries with a 30-minute charge time
  • Weighs 3.7-Pound with battery and stands 6-1/2-Inch in length

The Consensus of the 22612 by Bosch

The Bosch 22612 is a great piece of equipment for light and domestic users. It is good for those in industries where they would not normally use such tools but on occasion could make use of a high speed driver such as electricians. It is the best electric cordless that has a 1/2 inch connector and is designed for light use.

It has been given high reviews from users that mention that they have been able to perform high power jobs such as changing car tyres on the road side. This also makes the 22612 a great product for leaving in the car for emergencies. Although the 22612 is down on power when compared directly with others in its category, the price is extremely low and attractive and tool is built to a high durability.

If you would prefer to own a tool that has a 3/8 inch socket head, the Makita WT01W is the perfect tool for the job. Like the Bosch, it is low priced but performs well for the money.

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