This is the Campbell Hausfeld TL1017 Butterfly Impact Wrench

Campbell Hausfeld TL1017 Summary

meet the strange looking but powerful and cheap TL1017

Product Description

The Campbell Hausfeld Butterfly Impact Wrench is most definitely the strangest looking of the impact torque wrenches in the field of ratchet formation but this means nothing in the tool world. What does matter is the 75 lbs/ft of torque that is produced from this beast. Nuts and bolts have no chance of staying on with this kind of power that is delivered in impacts 800 times a minute. This kind of power will ensure that no bolt will hold up your job and cause costly delays which are a huge irritant for busy workmen and women.

The Campbell Hausfeld TL1017 is a butterfly impact torque wrench and prices in at possibly the lowest price that you will find an air powered wrench for anywhere. It also drops in as the lightest product in the category of wrench in the form of a ratchet weighing just 2 lbs. This is great for those looking for a high torque yet lightweight device.

Campbell Hausfeld TL-1017 – The Specifications

  • Excellent choice for small fastener work in engine and body repairs
  • 75 lbs/ft of operating torque
  • 800 impacts per minute
  • Swivel air inlet connection

The Recommendations about this tool

The Campbell Hausfield TL1017 is probably has its best use for loosening spark plugs and tyre lugs rather than heavy duty and constant use on construction sites and loosening extremely tight bolts and nuts. The tool spins at one of the fastest for one of this type but Campbell Hausfield does not have the reputation for being a durable manufacturer of air powered tools as some of the other manufacturers do have.

The TL1017 does however make it easier and cheaper when an air compressor is needed. The air consumption of 2.4 scfm at a pressure of 90 psi is very low and therefore requires a small compressor saving your hard earned dollars.

The Ingersoll-Rand PF700 is a better all round product for a similar price but with a low maximum torque rating so we recommend that you spend the extra $30 and get the JSM-401.

List Price: $40.76 USD
New From: $40.76 In Stock

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