Which 1/2″ Air Impact Wrench is the Best?

1/2″ Air Impact Wrenches

Air Impact Wrenches are used in many different industries with the most predominant being trades such as auto-workshops and construction projects. The manufacturing and ship building industries are also likely to be constant users of air powered ratchet tools.
The middle of the range air powered ratchets are those that are powered by 1/2 inch air hoses. These tools are middle powered and middle priced and therefore the majority of industries would be looking for tools that sit in the 1/2 inch air hose compressor range. They also have the added advantage of having high torque power whilst being small and slender in their stature. They are therefore the best for use on busy jobs where the worker does not have the time for messing around or the space for moving tools around easy.

The Best for Daily Use

The absolute best air powered torque wrench that is available with a 1/2 inch air hose connection is no surprise. Ingersoll-Rand pride themselves on making the very best tools for everyday use. That is the main reason why Ingersoll-Rand tools are the first choice for the majority of Nascar teams. The IR-2135 is not cheap but is certainly the best tool for every day users. It is reliable and will not let you down when you need the power. It also delivers the highest torque in the market of 1/2 inch wrenches.

The Best Extreme Budget Model

An extreme budget model is classified as one that is massively cheaper than the standard price for the class. The Campbell Hausfeld TL050299AV costs 8.5 times less than the best performing air powered ratchet tool in the half inch tool market. It costs just $30 which is a tiny price and places it into many peoples consideration. The Campbell Hausfeld TL050299AV will not be as durable and reliable as the more expensive products but there is no reason why this shouldn’t be purchased by a home mechanic that will use the tool very lightly.

The Best All around Model

The best all around 1/2 inch air power torque wrench title goes to an up and coming brand in the air powered tool marking. Aircat have seen steadily increasing sales and their latest model, the AirCat 1000, is set to propel them even further. It is also great for those that dislike Ingersoll-Rands strangle hold on the air powered tool market. It is a small and lightweight device and boasts almost as much torque as the best performing Ingersoll-Rand 1/2 inch product for over $100 less. This is a great product and should be considered by those that will use on a medium to high basis.

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