Which Corded Electric Impact Wrench is Best for You?

The industry for electric impact driver is growing rapidly with many people moving away from the requirements for having large air compressor units to being able to have an electric device that will simply plug into the mains. That is coupled with the huge performance increases that have been seen in the output of small electric motors in recent times. Maximum torques of getting on for 350 foot-pounds was unheard of from an electric motor going back a few years.

Another benefit of an electric driver over an air pressure powered device is that it requires less setting up prior to work beginning. IT simply needs plugging in to circuit mains and off you go.

The Best for Daily Use

The best electric cord tool for those that are intended to use the device on a daily basis and therefore require higher levels of power and torque, the DeWalt 292K is the perfect choice. It is built with daily heavy use in mind and is tough enough to last through regular knocks and bangs.

The Best Budget Model

Look no further than the Kawasaki Clever if you are searching for a middle range yet low priced electric corded wrench driver. The Clever is styled like a super bike and performs with the same intensity. It competes with the class leaders for torque, power and head speed whilst being on average a quarter of the price.

The Best Middle Range Model

This category has two winner and both are from the same manufacturer. The Milwaukee 9070 range feature two products, the 20 and the 22. The difference is very small so take note. The 22 has a slightly newer drive motor system and made more durable and tougher. The 20 is slightly lighter so it horses for courses as far as this middle of the range electric drivers goes. The Milwaukee 9070-20 and the Milwaukee 9070-22 are both good middle of the range.

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