Which Workshop Air Compressor is the Best?

Shop Compressors

Shop compressors generally have larger air storage tanks that allow you to draw consistent large air volumes for tools such as sprayers, grinders, chisels, and hammers without emptying the tank. When you use these types of tools you need the larger sustained air volumes and pressures which workshop compressors supply.

Workshop compressors come in one of two air cylinder configurations; vertical and horizontal.

Horizontal shop compressor air storage tanks lie flat and are shorter in height, but take up more shop floor space.  There are also space-saving models that can fit beneath your work bench which can be necessary in small shops, garages, and sheds.

Vertical compressors are designed to stand straight up and down.  They usually take up less floor space than horizontal compressors, but will rather take up more vertical space. Shop compressors with larger air storage volumes tend to have vertical tanks and are designed to save shop floor space.

Some shop compressors are designed to be moved around your work area and will have wheels while others may not have wheels and opt instead to have extra circuitry that allows extension cords to be used.

Recommendations for the Best Shop Compressors

Horizontal Shop Compressor with Wheels: GMC SYCLONE 6310

Vertical Shop Compressor with Wheels: DeWALT D55168

Heavy Duty Vertical Shop Compressor:  Quincy #2V41C60VC

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